24 Hour Emergency Service:
Our 24 hour emergency service is handled solely by County Management Services employees. They can be reached by pager any hour of the day or night and the response time is extraordinary. There is no third party answering service to contend with.

Maintenance Crews:
At County Management Services, we offer skilled maintenance crews that are prompt, professional, and trustworthy. They can be dispatched to your location 24 hours a day to handle most emergencies quickly and effectively.

Property Inspections:
Every property is inspected on a weekly basis to ensure that each complex is being handled effectively and efficiently. We make sure the grounds and common areas are aesthetically well maintained. Any preventive maintenance issues will be reported to the Board.

Accounting Services:
At County Management Services, the following accounting services are offered, which are done in-house by our well qualified accounting staff: Balance Sheets, Cash Reconciliation, Income/Expense reports, Arrears reports, Accounts Payable reports, Disbursement Registers, Budget Variance reports and Statement of Accounts for all bank accounts. All reports include actual and year to date information. We use only state of the art computer systems and software specifically designed to meet the needs of our clients.

Monthly Reports:
Prior to the monthly Board meeting, every Board member will receive a detailed Manager’s Report which includes complete financial statements, maintenance reports, correspondence and any bids or contracts. These reports can also be tailored to meet your individual needs.

Two months prior to the end of the fiscal year, a carefully prepared budget draft will be presented to the Treasurer and accountant for review. A meeting with the financial committee and accountant will determine the final budget for Board approval.

Annual Meetings:
We will prepare and mail notices to all unit owners, as well as manage the meeting. We assist in tallying the votes, and aid in the development of materials for the President, Treasurer, and other Directors.

Annual Reports:
At County Management Services, we will produce an annual report of the physical condition of the buildings including recommended priorities and suggestions for short and long term planning. We will also develop a reserve study to schedule anticipated costs for the replacement of major common area components.

Professional Liaison:
County Management Services will work closely with the Board’s attorney, accountants and insurance representatives. Insurance policies are reviewed at least twice per year to determine sufficient coverage, as well as optimum value. In addition, County Management Services will maintain ongoing relationships with Municipal agencies, building inspectors, fire department, police and other officials to insure proper compliance and quality of services provided.

We will develop specifications and obtain at least three bids for each Board approved project. All contractors are carefully selected and their work and references are checked for quality and affordability. In addition, we will prepare and negotiate all contracts specifying all project requirements.

Project Completion:
During all Board approved projects, we will visit the site regularly to oversee the contractors and the work they are performing. We will ensure that the work is done to the Board's expectations and within the expected time frame. Contractors will not be paid in full until we inspect all of the work completed, the premises are free of debris and all equipment has been removed from the property.

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